Sommelier's Home

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The residence is located in the suburban area of Budapest. The beauty of the bright white villa lies in the exciting geometrical shapes and the exceptional high quality of construction. The asymmetrically structured facades with their vast glazed surfaces, and the vertically shifted roof levels make both the building and the interior spaces characteristic.

The architects strived to design the building as functional as possible, and for the sake of the overall high architectural quality, their attention has encompassed even the tiniest details of the interior design. The striking zone connections, the sometimes bold, sometimes moderate match of the distinctive elements shows a truly delicate sensibility. All shapes, colours and materials integrate in a surprisingly natural way helping to enjoy the taste of wines.

Architects: Sándor Dúzs és Architéma / Lajos Kuknyó. Interiour design and Construction works made by Architema

1031 Budapest, Nánási út 1/B. B. ép. földszint |