Forest Hill Villa

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The villa built in the Buda Hills replaced a pine forest. Functions scattered over the plot in the form of pavilions among the remaining trees follow a Cartesian coordinate system.  By selecting an excellent ratio of space and mass and relying on the reflections on huge glass surfaces, the architect managed to make the building dissolve into the park around it. The architectural design of this villa, and the compliance of the right - angle editing is create an affluent background fabric. While, we are know exactly, which part of the house are we, though we have to be all place of the villa at the same time. One can appreciate the concept of flowing space while enjoying high level comfort. Wherever we turn in the building, the large glass surfaces make us feel like walking in the park surrounding it.

The original plant association was saved and renewed; it represents now a unique horticultural value. Dotted with the magnificent last heralds of the long gone pine forest, it surrounds the building like an English lawn. A quick and curious squirrel found a new home in the park, providing company for us while enjoying this harmony.

Design and construction works made by our company, interiour design: Gyula Ebedli.
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky, Krisztián Kiszely.

1031 Budapest, Nánási út 1/B. B. ép. földszint |